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Dec 8, 2013 6:00pm PST
. >>> the raiders look to snap their road losing streak. we have all the highlights coming up next in sports wrap. >>> good evening. welcome to our sunday evening sports wrap. the win at candlestick, but not so fast seahawks. 49ers led 3-0. the ball goes out of bounds and goes to dawson. 6-0 9ers. 11 yards out. hawks lead. 3rd fieldgoal. russell wilson, it's wilson to wilson. luke wilson scoring. colin kaepernick to vernon davis. 9ers led. 4th quarter fieldgoal. get it from the line, gore made a move. it is a 51-yarder for frank gore. dawson has his 4th fieldgoal of the game. san francisco beets beats seattle at home. the 9 and 4 9ers led the nfc  best by 2 games. the rams were roughed up in arizona. clemens back 23 yards. they are 8 and 5 and have to face san francisco in 3 weeks. to say the raiders don't travel well would be an under statement. the 13th straight game played in the eastern time zone. matt is the guy who played in the metlife stadium. 3 3 defenders, 2 receivers, 1 touchdown. new york led 20-3. it is marcel. 20-10 in the 3rd. rod streeter and the 48-yard play. jets reach their h
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1